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Paulo Sousa: We definitely have a team

 13 / 09 / 21 Author: PZPN

"We had a lot of problems in the second half, as our opponent played a very intense game. The English are used to that, so they definitely posed a threat, but we defended well and never let them spread their wings. If we had a bit more quality in our own crossing, we could have scored another goal," said Paulo Sousa, the head coach of the Poland national team, after the match against England.

"We have created a few good chances today, but we lacked a decisive pass, a finishing touch. Nevertheless, I'm happy that we have a lot of quality in the team, which was evident, for example, in our goal. It hurts a little that we lost possession of the ball so easily with a lost goal, but this was also due to our opponent's pressing. I think a draw is a fair result," he added.

"I believed that we would score a game-tying goal until the very end. Since the first qualifier match against Hungary, we have been focused on our task, which is to score goals and win more games. With these last three matches, one must keep in mind that as many as fourteen players who are a part of this team were unable to play. We must work to make sure that we always have quality substitutes in each position. Nevertheless, I can say that we definitely have a team. The players understand their tasks; we are growing as a team also because the substitute players know what role they are meant to play. This makes us stronger and stronger," he stated.

"This team needs Grzegorz Krychowiak in his form from Sevilla, but it's been a few years since that time. He is at a different point now, as happens with every football player. Of course, we'd like him to play faster and avoid unnecessary fouls. We need him as a leader also when we don't have possession of the ball. Grzesiek is excellent at reading his surroundings and is very useful to the team," he concluded.

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