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The mObywatel app for sports. Digital documents for coaches and players

 09 / 10 / 23 Author: PZPN
The mObywatel app for sports. Digital documents for coaches and players

Minister of Digital Affairs Janusz Cieszyński and Secretary General of the Polish Football Association Łukasz Wachowski have announced that PZPN's coaches and players will soon find digital versions of coaching and player IDs in the mObywatel app. "I am delighted that the Polish Football Association, which brings together hundreds of thousands of sports fans, is the first sports organisation to join mObywatel. I hope that other institutions and organisations in the world of sport will follow suit," emphasises Minister Cieszyński.

This is an excellent example of how easily and quickly mObywatel can be personalised. Every interested party has digital documents they need, for example, in their professional capacity. "You present your digital ID, so there's no need to carry your wallet. "It's convenient and secure," added the head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, and announced that later this year, all coaching IDs will be available on the app, "that's approx. 25,000 digital documents." "The next stage will be the introduction of players' licences (several hundred thousand) and data related to players' participation in football competitions in Poland," he added.

"We are very excited about the introduction of new features in the mObywatel app. Digital versions of the IDs will certainly make life easier for our coaches and players. Coaches will benefit in particular, as they have to prove their identity before every match. Now they won't have to take plastic documents with them and will show their licence is valid using an app on their phone," said Łukasz Wachowski, Secretary General of PZPN.

"The integration of the mObywatel app with the PZPN Extranet is a very important step for us. Our system contains all the results of football competitions held throughout Poland. Today, coaches will be able to quickly prove that they have valid licences, and players will be able to confirm that they are footballers. In the future, we would like mObywatel to also provide each player with information on how many matches they have played in, how many goals they have scored and how many cards they have received," added Marek Łukiewski, Chairman of PZPN's Youth and Amateur Football Committee and Deputy Secretary General of PZPN responsible for IT.

Lawyer Michał Żukowski, Chairman of the Innovation Committee of PZPN, also participated in the conference, which took place in Olsztyn. "I am pleased that innovation and technological efforts are being made. It is one of the tasks of the modern age for us, also in the field of sport and football, to respond to what is happening in the world of technology, on which we are becoming dependent. I am also pleased with the integration with the mObywatel app – it is the digitalisation of the administrative side of Polish football. In the next steps, we want to deal with other data, their aggregation to help football players and, in the future, other athletes in their daily work and development," concluded Michał Żukowski.

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